LEGO investeert in offshore windparken

| 25 februari 2015

De komende 4 jaar gaat Kirkbi a/s (moedermaatschappij van de Deense speelgoedfabrikant LEGO) 400 miljoen euro investeren in een offshore windpark Borkum riffgrund 1 (78 windturbines, 312MW) vlakbij de Duitse kustlijn.

De LEGO groep wil een positieve bijdrage leveren aan het milieu en investeert om die reden in duurzame energie,windenergie dus.

“One of our fundamental values is to enable future generations of children to grow up in a better world. We do that first and foremost through our play materials – but also by improving the safety of our employees, improving the energy efficiency of our production, and reducing the volume of waste. In the field of renewable energy our objective is an ambitious one – and I am very pleased at this time to be able to announce this investment,” says Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, LEGO Group CEO.

The company’s goal is to generate enough renewable energy capacity to meet 100% of its energy needs by 2020. By investing in the wind‑turbine project off the coast of Germany, the LEGO Group will be able to meet its target because the wind farm is expected to produce more electricity than the company’s total electricity consumption up to and including 2020.

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