Senvion wint eerste 60 MW order in Croatie

| 26 juli 2017

Senvion heeft een contract getekend met het Croatische Vjetroelektran Orjak voor de levering van 5 windturbines voor het windpark Greda. Het windpark bestaande uit 5 Senvion MM92 windturbines met 80 m ashoogte en zal worden gevestigd dichtbij de stad Blato in Zuid-Croatie. Het contract is inclusief  onderhoudscontract gedurende 15 jaar. 

De turbines zullen worden geinstalleerd in de eerste helft van 2018. 

Jürgen Geissinger, CEO at Senvion, comments: “This project proves that there are business opportunities all over the world. By entering the sixth country since 2016, Senvion proves that is able to convert these opportunities into successes. Our global network and our customized turbines are the key to our thriving expansion strategy.” Geissinger joined Senvion as CEO at the end of December 2015.

Carlo Schiapparelli, Managing Director at Senvion South-East, adds: “Senvion has arrived in the Balkan region, as our recent sales story shows. With our MM-series portfolio, Senvion demonstrates that we not only have the right product, but also fitting experience from other Southern European countries with comparable conditions. With this set of competences, we are well prepared for our customers in the Balkans and we are looking forward to a successful partnership with Vjetroelektrana Orjak.” In June 2017, Senvion announced the completion of its first Serbian contract for the 42 MW Alibunar project .

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  1. J.Brugge schreef:

    60MW? moet dat niet 10MW zijn?