Noorwegen gaat drijvende windturbines testen

| 28 oktober 2014

De Fraunhofer instituut voor windenergie heeft aan de westkust van Noorwegen een locatie gevonden om drijvende windturbines te testen. Jochen Bard, head of energy converters and storage systems at Fraunhofer said, “In a couple of weeks we will have all the approvals we need and then we will make it public.

“The idea here is not to actually have a cable and a dedicated area where people can come a test their floating wind turbines. The purpose is rather to have an actual floating wind turbine for research purposes and that will be available for the research community as well as the industry.”

“The timing is a little unfortunate. The reason it was mentioned on the Norwegian [press] is that they are looking for a site and [conducting] site investigations there. Of course they have to talk to the local people and it has to be made public that something is planned there,” Bard said.
drijvende windturbines

Bron: Windpower Monthly.

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